Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Buggy But It's Better than Nothing - Switch Accessible You Tube

SWAY is switch accessible You Tube, but by switch they mean switches (set to right and left arrow).  Still, better than nothing!  Basically you paste the address of a playlist into the textbox and then you can use your switches to navigate the videos.  It works only in the Firefox browser.

Here is SWAY set to play the TLWMSN Vlog.

Check it out!


  1. So what should we do to make it better? We want to be *much* better than nothing!

  2. It doesn't look like there's a thumbnail? Only a complicated URL to scroll through? Not useful for many users using switches.

  3. I don't understand what you're saying about a thumbnail.

    We're working on browsing by categories, that will be available soon.

  4. There are thumbnails. Click on the last link in the post. The issue is, of course, that a mouse/keyboard user must copy/paste the link of the playlist into SWAY for the thumbnails to appear. Not very independent. However, once that is done it is very cool for two switch users to have a means to watch and navigate a teacher/parent/whoever list of videos without help. I would love to see a way for this to work with a single switch and a means to make the copying and pasting easier for switch users. Like I said, it is a great start.

  5. You can get single switch access to work with these instructions from Jim. He says

    The freeware keyboardWedge works great for single switch users with your switch accessible YouTube player page. The switch user will need some kind of switch interface that sends keystrokes of course.

    For more info you can find it here:

    Here are the settings I used:
    Operating As: Single Switch
    Key Trigger: (whatever you want except Space or Enter)
    Key Seq. Sent: {Space} {Enter}
    Scan State: (Whatever works)


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