Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Three AAC Now Processing Mount N'Movers

Dynavox, PRC and Tobii ATI are now processing Mount N'Movers as part of their funding resources.  Several users I know have received new AAC devices in the past several years since the Mount N'Mover has been on the market, but the funding process required we go with Deassy or CJT mounts (perfectly respectable and wonderful systems) even if the user could really benefit from the ease of use and increased independence of a Mount N'Mover.  I even knew one power chair user who could have moved his own device aside with the Mount N'Mover to do chores like laundry or to use the transfer board to assist in moving in and out of his wheelchair. 

It is thrilling to now have the Mount N'Mover as an option.  It might also be just the thing for eye gaze device users with lots of forward/backward movements to accommodate within a wheelchair.  New options are always exciting in a limited market.

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  1. We just got the Mount N'Mover approved by insurance along with my son's new V. It's special order so we are still waiting for it to arrive. We trialed it through Easter Seals and are hopeful it will work with the tricky mounting required given the tray and joy stick locations on our son's powerchair.


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