Friday, January 21, 2011

Smooth Talker

The new Smooth Talker is a sequential message switch that can also be used for a single switch or random order messages.  Total message time is two minutes.  The Smooth Talker can be activated with an external switch (wireless switch capability included), be set to use as a cooperation switch and be used as an auditory scanning device (author's comment - OMG!  Finally!).  Additionally you can use it like a standard switch to activate adapted toys and devices.

Here are the specs from Inclusive TLC:
  • Two minutes recording time.
  • Two loud speakers.
  • 1.4 watt amplifier.
  • Fits standard Big Switch mounting plates.
  • Built-in Simply Works wireless technology.
  • 9v PP3 batteries required.
  • Easy programming using LED mode indicators.
  • Volume control with on/off button.
  • 3.5mm switch input socket.
  • 3.5mm toy control socket.
  • Available in red, blue, yellow and green.
  • Toy control label supplied.
The only thing I don't see is a means to hold a picture symbol in place on the Smooth Talker.

The Smooth Talker retails for $165.00.

1 comment:

  1. There is a place for a picture when you open up a little holder (where the SMooth Talker name is written). It looks like ti flips out.


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