Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wish Granting Agencies

On occasion a family will ask for information about wish granting for their child. A few things to know include that children's wish agencies generally, but not always, ask that the child be ages 3-18 (sometimes 21), have a life limiting condition (as documented by an MD), have no prior wishes granted and be able to communicate their own desire. There are wish granting agencies in nearly every country from Canada to Pakistan to Singapore. Every state in the USA has one or more chapters or self-contained wish granting agencies.  Some wish granting agencies are for specific age groups, conditions or even have to be recommended by a specific person.  Let families know they can search the web, talk to their doctor, social worker or other medical professional for more information.

Here is a resource you can email or print and share:

National Agencies

Wishes for Children and Teens:
  • Sunshine Foundation grants wishes to children from 3-18 who have serious, chronic or critical illnesses or disabilities and child who have survived abuse
  • Children's Wish Foundation grants wishes to children with life limiting diseases up to the age of 18 (children under 3 or who cannot express their own wish enter a program called Young Minds)
  • A Special Wish grants wishes for children with life limiting conditions up to age 21
  • Kids Wish Network grants wishes to children 3-18 who have a life limiting condition (have granted many wishes to children with seizures, Down Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy)
  • Make-A-Wish grants wishes to children ages 2.5 to 18 who have life limiting diseases and who have not had a prior wish
  • The Granted Wish gives wishes to anybody of any age who is in need of a wish

Wishes for Adults:
Wishes for Senior Citizens
    Regional Wish Granting Agency Listings
    Respite, Camp, Retreat and Vacation Granting
    • Believe in Tomorrow has three adventure programs for bullriding, flying and racing as well as respite and hospital housing.
    • Starlight Foundations Great Escapes allows families with a seriously ill child to spent time together away from a hospital
    • Give Kids The World grants children with critical illnesses and their families trips to the Central Florida theme parks
    • Deliver the Dream creates retreats for families who have a family member with a life threatening disease or disability
    Other Agencies
    • A Warrior Wish grants wishes when someone in the military or their family has a life limiting condition
    • Dream A Little designs and install fantasy bedrooms for children with life limiting diseases
    • Room to Dream creates custom healing environments in rooms in hospitals and homes for those with chronic illness
    • MORGAN Foundation offers financial support for families to get to medical conferences and/or for families who need equipment not covered by other sources of funding

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