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Free Switch Activities for Learners with Severe or Profound Special Needs

Updated 11/18/2012
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This is an update of the post listing online switch activities for learners with multiple or significant special needs. The activities listed are chosen because they can be used with switches, they are simple and they are enjoyable. The activities listed are free. Some activities may require set up by an assistant before switch use. Although care has been taken not to include switch activities with any violence or graphic images teachers and others still need to check activities for age and general appropriateness before use.

Cause and Effect (and Press to Play):
Single Switch Scanning/Timed Single Switch Response (sites may include some cause and effect games as well):
Two Switches (unless otherwise noted you must click in the area of the game and then use tab and enter to play):
Subscription Sites with Free Trials
  • Busy Things is a switch accessible site for young children out of the UK.  You can try it out for free for two weeks.
  • Help Kidz Learn has moved to being a subscription service except for 10 games in the Early Learning.  Subscriptions are $16 for home or $159 for schools.  They DO take PO's.
  • Switch Climber* (costs $14.95 a month and you can "try-before-you-buy" with a free two week subscription.) 
Also be sure to check out Game Base and One Switch for other (usually more advanced) switch games.

*Those sites with a star have multiple activities to try out!  Wednesday's With Sam lists these by activity instead of website if that is useful for you.


  1. Great list, Kate! And reminds me that I must sift out the pure cause and effect stuff at OneSwitch into an easy to get at list.

    Few more for the list: (scanning art) (quite a few music / sound based activities that can work great) - Whack-a-Mole

  2. A couple more... - Cause and Effect forum post at SpecialEffect's GameBase

    and a lovely 3D world you can explore either with two-switches (turn and go forward - or with the help of an assistant)

  3. What a great list. Thanks for sharing. Check out my folders titled, Literacy Websites on for a list of the websites that work well for students who use switches. Info is given to indicate which sites are free and which are subcription based.

  4. This is a very well put together list! We recently just discussed different switched and had the opportunity to experiment with some in my Assistive Technology class. While some of the ones we used are similar to those you listed, many of the ones you provided are completely new to me!

  5. This is a great resource of switch activities. We learned about switches and their uses in an Assistive technology class that I took this summer. I will share this list of activities with my classmates, as it is a great source.

  6. There should be a setting on your switch interface that allows you to set the switch to tap.


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