Monday, August 15, 2011

Android Apps for Our Kids

iPods and iPads are slowly facing more and more competition from Android and Windows.  As that happens there are more options on those platforms for AAC-related and other apps for individuals with severe or multiple special needs.  Here are a few to get you Android users started:

Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • AAC Speech Buddy, $27.99, uses the free Mulberry Symbol Set, 12 TTS voices and online management
  • Discover My Voice, $50.00, uses photos and TTS or recorded voice
  • Free AAC, speech output from screen full of proprietary symbols, free
  • iAugCom, $4.99, uses white on back communication icons
  • JABTalk,$9.99, uses photos and recorded speech
  • LangLearner Speaker, free, text based only, TTS, low quality voice
  • myVoice AAC, free but costs to increase vocabulary, complex vocabulary sets, uses photos, high quality TTS voices, GPS allows automatic location based board changes
  • My Voice, My Words, TTS with clip art images arranged in grids, $10.23
  • TapTalker, TTS using an adapted keyboard, $3.23
  • TapToTalk, free but upgrade costs $99.95 a year, uses included icons or user photos, TTS with subscription
  • Touch and Go, free, uses photos and TTS
  • Vocal Slides,free, a flip through photo slides and touch to make them speak
  • Voice4U, $29.99, uses proprietary icons or user taken photos
Visual Supports

  • Activity Timer, $.99, visual countdown timer 
  • AutiPlan, free for basic version, uses Screla Icons (black on white images) works with the AutiPlan software
  • Autism Turn Taker, $3.99, uses visual prompts to teach/supports turn taking
  • Easy Kid Timer, $1.00, A visual countdown timer that then gives a visual prompt to do what is next, also includes a photo cropper
  • Model Me Going Places, free, social stories to support children in situations like going for a haircut
  • myPrompts, $1.61, use photographs to create visual schedules, offer choices or use with the built in count down timer
  • Visual Auditory Primer Pro, $.99, visual timer

ABA/Data Collection

  • Behavior Status, free, track behavior, graph and be able to show a child is their behavior is red, yellow or green
  • Behavior Tracker Pro,$29.99 , track multiple behaviors for multiple individuals using many intervention designs (ABC chart, intervals, audio/video recording, etc) and graph data (also integrates with the Behavior Tracker software if you have it)
  • Easy Kid Tokens, free, set up a "I am working for..." sentence and number of tokens to be earned and use as a reward board
  • Kid Mode, free, games, stories and more for kids
  • Synapse Apps, $7.99-$29.99, apps for SLPs
  • WebTeam Corportation offers 10 Android apps for children with autism that use principles of ABA to teach skills
  • Vizzle Player, free, if you use Vizzle in your school this free player app works with the Honeycomb OS to offer mobile access


  1. My 8-year old loves the Kid Mode App on the Android.

  2. Superb post. Useful resources. I will share this to my friends circle.

  3. Here's a new app you might consider: EasyAAC, , 150 words from categories like Food and Clothing, plus letters and numbers. Looking to add more words based on user feedback.

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