Saturday, November 26, 2011

Writing on the Wall

A few different educators have made Mock Facebook activities for classrooms and all are creative and wonderful.  A couple of the ones I like (get it?) are these ones at Plug-n-Plan and this one at Teaching Blog Addict.  Also this teacher's explanation of using a Facebook style bulletin board to post her schedule.

Today I saw the Plug-n-Plan Mock Facebook on Pinterest and thought it might be perfect for encouraging choice making, reflection and combining symbols into sentences.  Students find their name/picture to replace the standard image.  They can dictate a "status update" using communication boards or devices.  If needed they can even choose from prepared "status updates".  This would be a great accompaniment to journaling or school-to-home notes. Students can "like" other students "status updates" to work on interconnection between students and pro-social behavior.

A mock Facebook is great for reflecting on activities, emotions and the self.  A mock Pinterest might be fun to use to hang photos and work on choice making and learning about peers.  Discussion can be held about what we learn about a peer who "pins" a picture of himself skiing or herself horseback-riding.

So here are my "Facebook" and "Pinterest" boards.  The originals are in Power Point and can be downloaded from the SlideShare web site or you can download from Google Docs (or choose make copy from the pull down menu on the left to save to your own account and edit).  You will want to edit the info in the "profile" to fit your class and make it more relevant.
As always if the SlideShare doesn't work for you please check out the Google Docs version or email me to ask for the .PPTX file.


  1. I pulled it off google docs, saved a copy, but couldn't edit it. I tried downloading it to edit it, but I have a mac and keynote couldn't handle it. Could you email me a copy in .ppt format?

    Life Skills Teacher

  2. I gave you the versatile blogger award! You can see it here

  3. Love it! Thanks for posting some of the ideas you used. I'm going to try to include the one where a student writes the status update and then passing it around to friends to comment. I think that will go great with our weekend report activity! I'll also have to check out this new things you are talking about! How exciting!

    I also teach multi-needs special education and recently created a facebook wall for my students as well - even before I saw all these ideas online! You can see it here -

    I'm also a new follower!

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies


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