Sunday, September 30, 2012

iPads for Learners with Severe/Multiple Disabilities

Updated 11/4/2012

Cause and Effect Apps

Tap/Touch Anywhere

Early Targeted Touch/Tap, Drag or Scroll

  • Interactive Alphabet ABC $1.99 - Touch the letters on the screen to hear the letter, word and sound effect ***NEW***
  • Press Here $0.99 - A story book where things happen when you touch the dot ***NEW***
  • Peeping Musician $2.99 - touch a musician to make her play
  • Rad Sounds $4.99 - touch to play music (switch accessible)
  • Bubbles $0.99 - touch to pop bubbles or balloons
  • Catch the Cow $2.99 - touch the cow to make something happen (switch accessible)
  • Sounding Board Free - create communication boards using your pictures or included clip art (switch accessible)
  • Hatch Free - touch the egg repeatedly and see what hatches
  • Fish Fingers 3D Interactive Aquarium $0.99 - touch the water and fish come to your finger, tilt the screen and water splashes, interactive fish move when you do
  • Baby Drums $2.99 - allows multi touch with scrolling and targeting - or not!  Play lots of instruments.

Refined Target Touch/Tap

  • Aunty Maggie's Recipe $2.99 - Choose ingredients to make a secret potion (switch accessible)
  • Picture Chase $2.99 - with your pictures and music as back ground chases of cats and butterflies, for example, ensue
  • Picture Pusher $0.99 - learn how to target, drag and drop by putting images into a box, use your own pictures if you want
  • Touch Trainer $4.99 - instructional activity to teach targeting

Switch Accessible (using an iOS switch interface such as the APPlicator)

    • Games
    • AAC

Companies Selling Multiple Switch Apps
    • Apps from tBox
      • Predictable $159.99 - for literate users an advanced text to speech system with scanning or direct select that includes social media integration
      • Scene and Heard $49.99 - visual scene based display AAC created using "hot spots"
    • Apps from Conley Company/TapSpeak
      • TapSpeak Button $9.99 - record a message for play back, store each as long as you like
      • TapSpeak Button Plus - $34.99 - same as above but includes symbol set
      • Tap Speak Button Plus for iPad $34.99 - same as above but for iPad
      • TapSpeak Sequence $19.99 - record and store sequential messages for playback
      • TapSpeak Sequence Plus $34.99 - same as above but includes symbol set
      • Tap Speak Choice for iPad $99.99 - create communication boards with 1-56 messages per page, text-to-speech and a full symbol library
    • Apps From Alexicom
    • Apps from Attainment
      • Read to Learn $39.99 - 85 stories with graded comprehension checks.  Incudes Life Skills Readers, Safety Skills Readers and Focus on Feelings Books
      • Go Talk Now $79.99 - complete AAC app with scanning, symbols included
    • Apps from RJ Cooper
    • Apps from MarbelSoft (prices vary)

      • MarbleSoft Click To Read Book Series ($9.99 each) each book has a story tied to the common core and related questions, works with touch or a switch(es) titles include: "My Country", "A Leader Is", "I Can Help",  and "Recycle It" (these work fantastic with the Unique Learning Program).  Books use the SymbolStix Symbols.
      • Koppy Kattz $19.99 - cause and effect through more advanced memory games for one or more players using switches or touch
      • Scan and Match $19.99 - find the match using your switch(es)
      • Switch Kids $9.99 (limited free version as well) - three kind of games include cause and effect, multiple choice cause and effect and sequential cause and effect
    • Apps from Creative Communicating ($9.99 each)
    • Inclusive series of apps (about $2.99 each - see page for ever expanding list)


  1. This is a great list...thank you so much!

  2. Is this going to be a perma post? It would be awesome if it were!

  3. Thank you for having such a great website. I'm blessed to have a job teaching medically fragile students. These apps willl definitely come in handy!
    A happy Special Ed. Teacher


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