Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Picture Symbol Support on the iPad

Update May 2022 - Symbol Support Text has been proven not to prove much, if any aid to comprehension and to be detrimental to learning to read.  This post is keep up for historical purposes.  Please don't use symbol supported text.

Use an App

Widgit Discover 

  • stories on three levels - text, symbol supported and simple symbol supported
  • text-to-speech to read back stories and questions
  • vocabulary support
  • vocabulary flashcards
  • currently available for three topics Tudors, Egyptians, Victorians
  • $9.99 Each

Attainment Symbol Support App

  • this app is add picture symbols to text as you type (think Writing with Symbols, Symbolate on Boardmaker or SymWriter)
  • the teacher could create text and save for the student to read, if needed
  • e-mail or save as PDF
  • $59.99 (coming soon)

Use a PDF 

  • if your Symbol Supported material isn't a PDF (for example you made it yourself in Boardmaker) use the free program Cute PDF Writer to save as a PDF and then send it
  • if your Symbol Supported materials happen to be a worksheet or something you want your students to be able to write on or mark up try an annotation program for PDFs on the iPad and they can do the work on the tablet
My Christmas Wish
  • Vendors producing symbol supported materials start distributing them as app or as books through iBooks to make them more accessible.  Some vendors I would like to see do this are:

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