Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Calendar and Advanced Visual Schedule Apps for Kids with Special Needs

Interactive Calendar Apps

Kid's Calendar $2.99
Suggested for ages 5-12.  Customizable schedule with sticker, backgrounds and a contact list ("friends book").

4KidsCal $1.99
Includes stickers and customization as well as the ability to record audio with any calendar entry.

Week Planner for Kids $1.99

Color coded, can use photos, can use as reward system.  In app purchases for holidays, etc.

Advanced Visual Schedule Apps

Daily and weekly visual schedules plus a reward chart.

Daily, weekly and monthly planner, fully customizable, video modeling, checklists and more.

Wonkido Organizer $9.99

Daily schedule, mood journal, daily assignments, to-do lists and behavior chart.

Apps to Teach Calendar Skills

Learn about months, days, seasons and more.  Plus set a countdown to a date.

Learn all the calendar basics, additional drawing program.

Training and practice for days of the week.

Set the day, month, date, season and weather.

Please note apps and prices chance constantly.  This post was accurate as of 8:00 PM 2/12/13.


  1. Wow! These are great resources. Thanks for putting them all together!

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  3. Thanks for sharing good information about Calendar and Advanced Visual Schedule Apps for Kids with Special Needs. these are good design.

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