Sunday, June 22, 2014

AAC in the Water

You've been working on AAC all school year.  Motivating, modeling and moving out of the way while your students blossom with communication.  Now it is summer.  Your students will be in swimming pools, lakes, sprinklers or even hot tubs.  What to do?  Here are some ideas on how to make communication continue to happen in the water!

    Yes and No Temporary Tattoos
  • Temporary Tattoos can be made at home using special paper or custom orders can be created by companies like Stray Tats. You can have a strip of symbols "tattooed" on your students arm or leg, have yes and no on your own hands or come up with a solution that is perfect for you.  If you are really committed go for the real thing! (and send me pics!)
  • Print boards on waterproof paper and use them in the water. Waterproof paper can be purchased at Staples or other stores or online from Amazon or specialty companies
    Kickboard by Tots-n-Tech
  • Laminating, especially using a heat seal laminating machine and thicker laminating plastic is another great way to waterproof low tech communication boards.  Remember to cut before you laminate (and then cut again WITHOUT cutting the paper underneath) to keep your board waterproof.  After you laminate you have lots of choices:

    AAC on a Shirt
  • Print communication symbols, boards or spelling boards on tee shirts, bandannas or fabric to use in the water.  You can also buy shirts or bandannas.  Communication partners can wear a tee shirt or tank top or carry a cloth to be used in or around water. 
Do you have a creative solution?  Please send pictures!

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