Monday, November 20, 2006

Alternate Format Books and Stories

Here is a collection of links to adapted and alternative format books. Most are free, some have a fee. The type of format varies. For pay interactive books like Tumblebooks and Bookflix and professionally read audio book downloads check your local libraries web site; free access may be available with your library card. (This perma post updated March 4, 2010.) Another excellent list of online alternate format books is here.

Symbol Books
E-books (you can use various text-to-speech programs to have e-books read aloud)
Interactive or Animated Books
Create Books
Other Formats
Multiple Formats (some combination of animated, e-text, audio or video)
    Reminder - for pay sites like Tumblebooks, Bookflix and other check the public library as many offer free access!


    1. We post a powerpoint book (created by our SLP) weekly to coincide with our sensory and fine motor group theme. Check us out:

    2. I was told that there are print books for children with low vision or visual impairments. Specifically, that the text on the pages is larger than usual and positioned in predictable and conventional places on the page. Popular children's books are reprinted, they are not electronic or audio.

      I would like to research this more for my daughter, but don't know what search terms to use.

      Any help would be appreciated!

    3. Check out for a great selection of eBooks and read aloud eBooks. The app EPIC! is also available across platforms - it has save my life with my intensive special needs students!


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