Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yahoo Widgets for the Special Needs Classroom

If you are not a Yahoo Widgets fan or user it might be time to consider the many uses of various Yahoo Widgets in the classroom.

For starters there are useful widgets including:

  • counters which can be used to tally behaviors or correct answers of your students
  • various kinds of timers
  • a few text-to-speech widgets
  • Flashcards including pre-made Dolch sight words and math facts as well as "make-your-own"
  • beat per minute counters (60 bpm can have a calming effect on students)
  • virtual dice, coin flippers and rock/paper/scissors
And that's just the obviously useful stuff, not counting the mooing cows, quaking ducks, virtual Stephen Hawking speaking in his AAC voice, virtual whoopie cushion, various quote generators, comix fetchers, weather widgets and more.


  1. I LOVE the "Zipper" widget to zip/unzip files. It is so easy and free!

  2. Hi, S.

    As a long time IZarc freeware fan for zipping and unzipping I was a reluctant convert to the Yahoo Zipper Widget, but it has been rocking my world for e-mailing large attachments lately.


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