Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Website of the Day - Endless Potential Downloads

Endless Potential is a consulting company providing ABA services and commercial software for designing autism interventions, but buried deep in their site is a goldmine!

The Endless Potential Downloads Page has three sections: coloring, flashcards and worksheets. The coloring sheets are nothing to write home about and the worksheets are nice, basic level, full color activities with a sound educational basis. It is the flashcards that are something to see.

Listed under the sub-category of ABA teaching materials are forty-four folders of mostly high contrast color photographs of nouns, verbs and adjectives. These are perfect for exporting into Boardmaker, cutting and pasting into Word Documents of Power Point activities or just printing on cardstock to use as flashcards. Some of the folders have more images than others and you can pretty much skip the ones with the words, but overall I would recommend checking out this resource, especially if you have student who respond better to photos instead of pictures or who are transitioning from photos to pictures.

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