Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Fun

This year my class will be hosting a Valentine's Day Parent/Student Tea. My students will be giving their mom or dad a special gift (which I cannot reveal in case any moms or dads decide to catch up on the blog). In the event of low turn parent turn out we will join the class across the hall for a more traditional Valentine's Day party.

Here are some link's to some Valentine's Day crafts and activities to try out:

Don't forget to check in at Adapted Learning (which appears to be down at this precise second, but when it is up I will post a Valentine's Feelings Book I just made) and The Intellitools Exchange.

Also I have changed how I have been adapting materials, especially comprehension materials, from sites like ABC Teach. Instead of cutting and pasting the essay or story into Boardmaker or Classroom Suite and then rewriting the questions and creating multiple choice questions with answers that can be marked using a bingo marker (I do this instead of electronic materials because it is easier for alternative assessment, because it is difficult for students to run AAC devices and a computer and because I don't have enough adapted computer stations to go around during a group) I just use the worksheet as printed and create "cut and paste" symbolated answer strips. I make one strip for each question and one "foil" (answer that doesn't match anything). The students can point, use a pointer, use their AAC device or use partner assisted scanning to make selections. This saves tremendous amounts of planning time and saves on ink and copying.

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