Sunday, February 8, 2009

Resources for this Week's News-2-You: Westminster Dog Show

This week News-2-You is about the Westminster Dog Show. (Which for some reason makes me think about my thesis adviser.) Here are some resources you can use to extend your lessons.

Photos and Videos
Articles for Kids
Adaptive PE
  • Obstacle course designed just for your learners (or with different levels for different abilities) including running/moving fast, jumping/rolling over, turning and more - students with significant physical challenges might enjoy being the "trainer" for typical peer or staff
  • dog shadow puppets on a light box
  • fill a sensory box with (edible for human consumption just in case) dog bones, dog toys and collars/leashes
  • do some primping like the dogs do - washing hair and blow drying, combing/brushing, nail care, etc.
Don't forget Adapted Learning (there are already activities uploaded) and the Intellitools Exchange.

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  1. Don't forget you can get a real live dog, for your classroom too. From the wonderful people at Canine Companions for Independence. - You can apply for a CCI Facilities Dog to be in your classroom. These special very loving animals really encourage your learners with mental, physical, and emotional support. :-)


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