Sunday, June 28, 2009

Picture and Photograph Symbols Sets

Picture Symbols
Alexia (free)
Bliss Symbols ($) (available as Boardmaker Add-On)
Clarity Symbols (formerly called LibSyms, currently avaliable on PRC-Liberator Devices in the UK)
Do2Learn (free)
Dynasyms ($)
Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbols ($)Mulberry Symbols (free)
Imagine Symbols (free - site currently down)
Northumberland LEA (free)
Overboard Symbols ($)
Pictos/PictoCOM ($)
PRC Icons
Scelra Pictos (free)
Slater Symbols/PixWriter (free and $)
Tango Symbols (only on the Tango device - $)
Tech/Syms (AMDi) (free)
Ultimos/Ultimas (Site in Spanish, Symbols multi-lingual including English) (Free)
Universal Icon Maker (Enabling Devices) ($)
Widgit Literacy Symbols ($) (also available as Boardmaker Add-On)

Ellie Cards ($)
Goosie Cards ($)
Life in Focus Software ($)
Photo Sentence Maker ($)
Picture This Series ($) (also available as Boardmaker Add-On)
Pics4Learning (free)
Language Maker ($)
Mrs. Riley (web-based subscribtion $)

Tactile Symbols
Object Symbol Resources ($)
Tactile Symbol Directory (free)
Talking My Way by Adaptivation ($)

Some Software for Arranging Symbols (making boards and more)
Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus, Boardmaker SDP ($)
PhotoSYMS (free)
Picture This Series ($)
Tech/Syms (AMDi) (free)
Universal Icon Maker (Enabling Devices) ($)
Widgit Literacy Symbols - Communicate in Print ($)

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