Saturday, August 1, 2009

Full Disclosure Perma Post

As the author of Teaching Learners with Multiple Needs I often times work with vendors and companies who create, produce or resell products for special education or disabilities.

Here are my policies around reviewing products and similiar on this website:
  • I do NOT accept compensation EVER for reviewing products
  • I do NOT accept "sponsored blog entries" or other euphemisms for paid advertisements disguised as posts
  • I do NOT do giveaways of products which normally have cost (i.e. I might give away Google Wave codes, but I won't give away free software)
  • I do use Google Ads, which often advertise AT and Special Education products on my blog; I do NOT endorse any of these products merely by them appearing in a Google Ad
  • I do participate in free beta trials of new software and products, which I often then review, I will fully disclose having done so
  • I do accept free products and services (i.e. subscriptions to websites) to try with my students and review on the blog, I consider these donations to me as a teacher,  I will fully disclose having done so
  • I reserve the right to say neutral or negative things about a product I have participated in a beta trial or used a donated to me as a teacher or to not post about the product, giving me something free is comes with no promise of a review or a good review on this blog

In the spirit of full disclosure here is a lost of vendors/companies who have given me free products for review or as a professional courtesy:
  • Ablenet, Inc (twist top Jelly Bean switch and many covers, sample Splash ESY Curriculum, Weekly Reader sample - I think other things I need to check my inventory)
  • Aimee Solutions - two theme units (professional courtesy)
  • AssistiveWare - a copy of Proloquo2Go (thank you gift for Beta Testing)
  • Say-It-With-Symbols - a Picture Symbol Name Stamp
  • Mayer-Johnson/Dynavox - beta testing of Adapted Learning site, preview of Print Editor
Vendors you can contact me at:

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