Sunday, November 7, 2010

Things you never thought you would say...

One of my tutoring students is a late bloomer in terms of AAC.  It wasn't until 17 when he received his first dynamic display device, a Tobii C-Eye

Six months later he was hanging out in his kitchen with a friend, blasting Shania Twain on his iTunes, through her Tobii.

"That's too loud; turn it down!" his mother told him.  Like any other teen would he turned it down, but just a little.

One of the best gifts of AAC and accessible environmental control is a chance to be like any other kid.  Not to mention the chance for a parent to be like any other parent.


  1. That's GREAT! It's pretty much the coolest when our kids do something totally typical (err...usually, lol). I always look forward to reading your posts!

  2. Kate, did you program her the teenager volume control into her pageset?

    Actions on the 'volume down' button:
    - turn down volume 30%
    - wait 30 seconds
    - turn up 25% again


  3. Hi Kate,
    did you upgrade your student's Communciator pageset to the "Teenager Volume Control"?

    Action on the 'volume down' button:
    - reduce volume by 30%
    - wait 15 seconds
    - turn up volume by 28%

    There is also room for a button with randomized impertinent messages :-)

  4. She has total volume control from both her control page and her music page. And she has pages of wisecracks and insults. She doesn't like random messages - but I have other students who use them and love them. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Thanks for the great story, Kate. It just goes to show that kids are kids! Every kid deserves a way to let their personality out...what a perfect example you've shared.


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