Monday, October 10, 2011

First Dynamic Display AAC Device in India

Avaz is a new dynamic display communication device in India.  It is a fully featured speech generating device which works both as a text and/or a symbol driven device.  It uses the SymbolStix icon set and has many options for set up.  It is accessible via mouse, touchscreen, switch scanning and mouse emulators.  Surprisingly the device is in English only, although you can record speech in any language if need be.  The website does not list a price but states the Avaz is 5% the cost of a PRC, Tobii or Dynavox.  They also have a program of volunteers and sponsors who can sponsor a device for a child in need.  (Wouldn't it be great of the companies in the US did that?  Actively pursued sponsors for individuals who didn't have any other funding?)


  1. is that not looking like Ipad ?
    and if it is touch screen so it is good.
    do you have your facebook fan page ?

  2. This Avaz is now available as an Ipad app in iTunes


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