Saturday, January 28, 2012

Switch Access to iPods/iPads Expands

iPortal Accessibility
Several companies have announced new ways for those with physical or multiple disabilities to access the iPod and iPad.  Here is the list of what is currently on the market.

Control the iOS Device with Switch(es)
  • iPortal Accessibility allows users with certain brands of power wheelchairs to use their driving mechanism (joystick, switches) to control all aspects of an iPhone 

Control Music on iOS with Switch(es)
  • iScan MP3 single switch (visual based) scanning of the music on your iPod (the picture is deceiving - it does work with current versions of the iPod)
    Ablenet Hook
  • Ablenet Hook auditory scanning of music with one or two switches designed to be adjustable in terms of cognitive load
  • Adapted 2 Switch iHome a two switch controller of an iHome dock for iPods
  • Adapted 6 Switch iHome an adapted iPod dock system with switches for every function
  • Big Button iPod Remote is a console of large switches that access music on the iOS devices
  • Scan 5 is a console of switches that control iOS and include scanning, Select 5 is the same thing without scanning
  • iPod Switcher is another remote console, it has 3 built in switches to control music
Control an App with Switch(es)
Use the iOS Device as a Switch(es) to Control Other Things
  • Switchamajig turns your iPad into an adaptive remote control for adapted toys
  • Attainment SWITCH is an app that turns your iPad into one or two switches to access any program on a Mac or PC and some apps on another iOS device wirelessly

A Request to App Developers:
  • please make your apps switch accessible 
  • please demand that the makers of switch interfaces add non-proprietary switch settings to their interfaces (i.e. make all iOS switches/interfaces compatiable with all accessible apps and let customers choose your switch or interface based on the quality of construction and the design of the product not which one gets more bang for the buck in terms of which apps it controls)
  • when choosing non-proprietary switch setting to run your app consider using standard keystrokes that can be sent via a bluetooth keyboard (i.e. arrow keys, tab/enter), switch interface makers will eventually have to add these if you insist on them in your apps
  • please be sure to make your apps auditory scanning as well as visual scanning


    1. What a wasted opportunity from Apple. Switch access on iOS devices is a confusing mess. Great post though.

    2. Wonder if a "JoyToKey" type App might offer the solution - whereby you could freely assign specific tapped co-ordinates and/or gestures to specific key-strokes of your choice?

    3. Pretorian Technologies have launched the APPlicator, switch access for iPad/iPhone and iPod.

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