Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Abuse Prevention

I normally try to avoid the personal in this blog, but I have two family members with disabilities - one with anoxic brain injury and one with Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Syndrome. Both were abused by out-of-home caretakers, one physically and one sexually. Therefore preventing abuse for those with disabilities is an educational issue I take to heart.

Although the safety of a child or an adult with a significant disability is ultimately in the hands of adult caretakers, we can teach our students at the very least some basics of abuse prevention.

Unfortunately, "Say no, go, tell!" is not the greatest model for our students as many are unable to "say no" or "tell" and/or they are unable to "go". We have to met each our our students where he or she is at and teach him or her the best prevention and self-advocacy skills we possibly can. With 1 in 4 typical girls and 1 in 7 typical boys abuse before age 18 and even more children with disabilities must at least try to stop our students from becoming statistics.

Facts and Figures
  1. Canadian Department of Public Health
  2. National Resource Center for Respite and Crisis Care
  3. Seven Steps to Preventing Abuse

Abuse Prevention Teaching Tips
  1. Strategies for Minimizing the Risk of Sexual Abuse
  2. How to Talk About Sexuality, Don't Wait for A Crisis
Free Resources
  1. Reducing the Risk for AAC Users
  2. How Is It Abuse Prevention Picture Symbols

Commercial Abuse Prevention Materials for Those with Disabilities
  1. We Can Stop Abuse
  2. I'm Somebody
  3. The Woodrow Project (Red Flag, Green Flag)
Power Point on Abuse Prevention for those with Multiple Disabilities
(available on Putstuff for thirty days only, after that comment and I will send it to you).

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