Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Fashionable Hearing Aid

From colorful molds, to lycra or spandex designer covers, to plastic behind-the-ear baubles and fun clips there are lots of options to make a hearing aid into a fashion aid. Many of the items are functional as well, bright molds and cases help you find dropped items and clip attach hearing aids to clothing to prevent them from falling. Some covers make the hearing aids more water resistant and others provide blue tooth to cell phones!

  1. Colorful Ear Molds
  2. Super Seals Covers
  3. Critter Clips
  4. Ear Wear
  5. Gear for Ears (free samples for professionals)
  6. Safensounds
  7. Blue Tooth Hearing Aid Attachment
And the Delta Hearing Aid is already cool looking!

If you want to know more about hearing aid manufacturing there is a videopod of them being made.

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