Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Social Stories Site

When I was an undergrad Social Stories were the new, hot technique for teaching students with Autism to hand different situations, especially social situations. I ran across this website, from the originator of Social Stories today and want to share it.

I found the sample social stories to be particularly useful in showing me some new ideas for ways to use them. There are also some ideas for writing your own and items for purchase.

Reading the site made me think about one particular time that using a version of a social story worked when nothing else had. The student was having a hard time differentiating between real and pretend, as well as talking about age appropriate topics. Note that the story was changed from 3rd to 2nd person for confidentiality, stories should not generally be in 2nd person. The story is below (or download in MSWord with pictures*):

Real and Pretend for _____.

Some things are real and some things are pretend.



Read the word real.

Read the word pretend.

You are real.

Batman and Spiderman are pretend.

College wrestling is real.

Pro-wrestling is pretend.

Our school is real.

Angel Grove School is pretend.

Karate teachers are real.

Ninjas are pretend.

Orcas are real.

Free Willy is pretend.

Power lifting is real.

Power Rangers are very pretend.

Adults learn that things that are real can be fun!

Babies and little kids like to think about pretend things.

Which one do you want to be?

We talk about things that are real in high school.

*file download available for 30 days, after which comment for the file to be e-mailed

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