Tuesday, December 18, 2007

As per request... more on using Real Player

Real Player is a free resource available at Real.Com. It allows you to view internet video that is encoded as Real Player. The new (free) version called Real Player Gold (not the forty dollar Real Player Plus) also automatically creates a "download this video with Real Player" link into any non-restricted video file embedded into a website. Thus .flv, .swf. and other types of video files can be downloaded and used in multimedia creation software such as Switch It Maker 2, Classroom Suite, Clicker 5 and Power Point (among others). If you need to re-encode the video you download as .wmp, .mp4 or some other kind of file you can Google "convert flash to .avi free" and all sorts of free options will come up to do the conversion.

This is a direct link to Real Player Gold and should start a download.

Completely unrelated here is an interactive website I meant to include in yesterdays links. It is called Jello Time and is a basic and really fun cause and effect activity that can be used with head/eye trackers, touch screen, and mouse/joystick/track ball. Made by the same author (Rapheal Rozendaal) are the following sites which may also be fun for our learners to use with various alternate input devices:
  • broken glass (this one should work with a switch set to click)
  • flaming cursor
  • clouds (this one could be very fun for cause and effect with CameraMouse or similar)
  • pull my finger (yes what you would expect to happen is what happens for the sound effect)
  • future physics (uses drag and drop skills - good for mouse training)

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