Monday, December 31, 2007

Special Needs Dolls

  • Shadow Buddies - rag dolls for kids with medical needs, such as a doll with an implanted (bacoflen) pump, and dolls with diabetes, burns, cancer, ostomy, port-a-cath and orthopedic issues
  • Sew-Able Dolls - dolls with prosthetics, walkers, wheelchairs, cructhes, bald from chemo, etc. Accessories like wheelchair and PT equipment fit American Girl Dolls. (Seen to the left.)
  • American Girl Dolls - offers a wheelchair and underarm crutches as accessories.
  • Beyond Play - and other special needs catalogs offer this collection of rag dolls with various disabilities such as blind, deaf, wheelchair user, etc.
  • Downi Creations - offers baby dolls who have Down Syndrome.
  • Down Syndrome Dolls - offers older looking dolls who have Down Syndrome (seen below).
  • Patty Cake Dolls - has rag dolls with Down Syndrome, visual impairment and in wheelchairs.
  • Camp Venture - also has dolls who have Down Syndrome called, "Dolly Downs" and "Danny Downs".
  • Hands On Learning has (very expensive) special needs dolls designed to be used to train medical and school staff on trachs, pic lines and g-tubes. Which begs the questions, "Why don't be use standard baby dolls and give them g-tubes and such our selves?
  • PI Bear - Physically Inconvenienced Bear uses a wheelchair.
  • Angel Bear Pump Stuff - offers a mini, stuffed insulin pump to use with any doll or stuffed animal.

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