Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dynavox Mini-Training and Adaptive Switches

Today I attended a mini-dynavox training, with our new regional rep, Matt, and some speech therapists and other teachers from our agency. We were there to see head tracking options for one student and get some questions answered for the other half dozen or so Dynavox users/potential Dynavox users.

I think the most important thing we all learned at the training was to use the Dynavox Knowledge Base as a fast way to get the answers you need. The Knowledge Base is located under support and called 24/7 Technical Assistance on the website. Some of the questions we were able to have answered were about programing "random" messages (under button behaviors -> speech) and auditory scanning.

For the most part we were disappointed with the head tracking option we saw, mostly because we already knew about it and what we really wanted was info on eye tracking. Matt told us that most likely our favorite eye tracker, Quick Glance, will work with the Dynavox V series, and he is going to check for us, so I will let you know. He also told us Dynavox engineers are working with a contracted company to develop proprietary eye gaze tracking, so look for that in the future.

After the training I had a short meeting with the PT in charge of wheelchair clinic and a fellow teacher about a rising high school student, who is gradually transitioning from middle school to my high school class for next year. Our discussion was about switch access options. We came up with what I believe is an innovative plan for the student. What you get out of this, blog reader, is the slide show below which features every switch option I know of. You can also view all of these switches in a visual glossary on my Picasa page. If you need to know the name and vendor of a switch just right click, choose save as and the file name will show the info you need.

P.S. It took me four hours to make this visual glossary and slide show. Let me know if you find it useful so I won't feel I have wasted my time.


  1. Thank for this post and switch collection with names and vendo info, it will be very helpful for me. I enjoy reading your practical blog on a daily basis and my kids like the fact that I have fun and new things to share with them, so thank you. Happy holidays...Jane

  2. It's excellent, Kate - you've not wasted your time! Have a fantastic Christmas/Holiday Season - and all the best for 2008!



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