Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today Only - Free Word Prediction Software

Giveaway of the Day is offering Typing Assistant, an Windows OS Compatible word prediction program, today only as the giveaway of the day. You most download and INSTALL it today. Typing Assistant normally costs $35.00 USD. I recommend you download and install onto a flash drive, so it is portable. Download it now!

Here is a description of Typing Assistant from Sumit Software:

Typing Assistant


Universal Compatibility: Works with virtually all programs.
Typing Assistant seamlessly integrates with all popular programs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Notepad, UltraEdit, WordPad, ICQ Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc.

Freely Dictionary Selecting: General or professional dictionary is available.
You can select a general dictionary or professional dictionary(only Medical dictionary is included in this version) as the basic dictionary, this selection will change the content in Typing Assistant suggestion window.

Auto-Learn: Learns unknown and recently typed words.
If you type a word that not in the dictionary (e.g. your name, or a long string such as "m_strUserName"), Typing Assistant will learn the word. The next time you begin to type it the word will be suggested. This saves you thousands of keystrokes.

Typing Assistant learns all the words you type and is invaluable in any repetitive typing task. Its Auto-Learn vocabulary list will be bigger and bigger and so its functionality and accuracy.

Auto-Expand: Expand shorthand to full text.
You can define shorthand shortcuts and abbreviations, for example, when you type "usa", Typing Assistant can autoexpand it to the full text: United States of America. Thus with one key stroke (ENTER – the default hotkey), a full text replaces your shorthand. You can quickly define multiple shorthand entries yourself and have them automatically replace anything, phrases, tradenames, people’s names, anything you wish.

Typing Assistant can expand your shorthand to whole paragraphs, and unicode characters are fully supported in the Full Text.

Spell Checking: Beep on misspelled words.
When you type a word that not in the dictionaries, Typing Assistant can warn you with a beep.

Easy to use.
There is no training or learning curve with this software. You simply use your computer as normal and Typing Assistant helps with your typing automatically. The whole process is mastered in 5 minutes and it will save you hours of work and needless effort.

  • If you need real-time suggestion window when typing, you can set "Delay Suggestion Window for" to 0 ms.

  • If you are fast typer, perhaps the frequent suggestion window is annoying, you can set "Delay Suggestion Window for" to a value more then 0 ms, then the suggestion window only appears when you are hesitating during typing.

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