Sunday, June 1, 2008

End of the Year Project

Inside of the front cover and the first page of an ordinary Azerbaijani passportImage via WikipediaHere in the USA the school year is almost over (15 more days in our building). We will be sending our students off to extended school year programs, summer camps, and in some cases new teachers, new schools or adult services for the next school year. One end of the year project we can complete that is both fun and meaningful is communication and/or transition passports. If that type of project seems too big for the end of the year a one page "All About Me" to pass on may be just right!

Communication and transition passorts are one to several page booklets done in a low, high tech or mixed media format that gives current and future communication partners and caregivers information about the individual with disabilities. You can focus only on communication in a communication passport or the whole child in a transition passport. The communication passport focuses on all means of communication the individual may use from eye gaze and gestures to set-up and trouble shooting an AAC device. Meanwhile a transition passport features everything from feeding and hygiene to what to do in an emergency and what is calming or upsetting to the individual.

Here are some links to give you more information and even templates and samples:

All About Me

Communication Passports and Transition Portfolios
Also this is a book for about thirty dollars about transition portfolios/


  1. Very useful, been looking for this information for a while and it's all here! Wish I knew about it sooner.

  2. You know I had forgotten I had written this post! Sometimes I even forget what is here!


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