Tuesday, June 17, 2008

AAC Demands

There are now 2, count 'em two, computers on the market which have screens that can be viewed in bright sunlight. The OLPC and the Flybook. (I get this information from Gadget Lab.)

So, AAC manufacturers, when, precisely, can we expect the Dynavox Series Six Degrees, the PRC EGO, The ATI/TOBII Venus or the Great Talking Box e-It Works In The Sun?

(Obviously I have taken a little liberty with the device names here, but dontcha think they are some great device names?)

Along with those demands how about these ideas:
  • instant daily/weekly/monthly backup via wifi to an online storage site (for free) or to an external hard drive
  • page sharing online (for free)
  • integrated eyegaze control (this one is in the works from Dynavox and ATI/TOBII from what I understand)
  • awesome kid and teen voices, I want to hear those teen boy voices crack
  • integrated web cams for video and still
  • integrated MP3 player with controls through the buttons on communication pages to do all features (play, pause, forward, back)
  • multi-touch screen option
  • the same "turn-the-device-and-the-image-on-the-screen-turns" feature as new phones (read the i-phone)
  • drag and drop to install music, photos and more, no packages, no complicated macros, no tech knowledge needed
  • online knowledge bases/support that is up-to-date and easy to navigate and cross referenced to various generations of devices
  • more colors of devices, more external customizing of devices, and colored cases too!
  • ability to store and play movies (that means lots and lots of memory)
  • solid state drive option for those who don't need tons of memory but are hard on devices
  • auto updates to software via wifi and none of this you can only download the update once business, what if the device crashes?
  • integrated hardware to operate a computer (not additional hardware)
  • option for 100% integrated mobile phone, or txt only, or 911 (or other emergency number only)
  • a code given to a customer at the same time a return authorization code is given that makes computer editing software into communication software for a limited time while the AAC device is being repaired (back up communication is always nice)
  • EXTERNAL volume controls - the only thing I LIKE about the ZYGO Optimist. That and hot swap batteries.
  • Hot swap batteries
  • Every device comes with two AC chargers, one for home and one for work/school/day program
  • Print the directions for power on/off and reset clearly and in a decent size on the device
  • Print the directions to work the case on the case (especially if the case is crazy complicated)
  • ONLINE AAC software editing and backup - access your communication software from any internet connected computers, SLPs and teachers no longer have to take devices away to program them after school, mom and dad can program while the child uses the device to say what he or she wants on the device
What else folks? Comment!

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  1. Besides just using outside screens, most of what you mention are fairly standard off-the-shelf solutions being offered by computer vendors. Some of those things are currently available by using a PC tablet instead of dedicated device. I'll share your ideas with our R&D. (Sorry to come late to the party. I had a flat tire.)


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