Thursday, July 3, 2008


Okay folks, nine days left on my class's Donors Choose Grant to get an interactive whiteboard!

I want to thank these two donors who gave $111 towards our goal, which means we have raised $722 out of $2,833.

Nicole from Loganville, GA gave on July 3, 2008 who said, "I gave to this project because. I really enjoy reading your teacher's blogs - they are super helpful to me as a teacher. I know she will put this to great use and that you guys deserve it."

Lynda from Oconomowoc, WI gave on July 3, 2008 who said, " I gave to this project because your students deserve it! I appreciate all the information I glean from your helps me do my job so much better. I hope you are able to obtain full funding for this project! Blessings to you & your kiddos!"

Not to start sounding like NPR, but please call in your pledge now! Better yet, go to Donors Choose and sponsor our grant! Only nine days left or the $722 already raised will be reallocated to other class's projects.

P.S. If your class already has an interactive whiteboard (SMART board or Promethean Board) imagine all the great stuff I can share with you if I have one too! Pitch in to make it happen!

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