Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mount'N Mover

Ever wished it was more possible for your students to move their mounted devices themselves? Blue Sky Designs has created a product to help with that exact thing. Called the Mount'N Mover this universal mount was created with a focus on the user.

The basic idea on the dual arm system is the hoop (that circle looking lever), which can be operated with one hand, is pushed down and the device swings from "in position" to "out of position/out of the way". Up to 12 different positions can be preset from over 1,000 choices of positions. A smaller paddle (the black "V" shaped level over the hoop, allows the angle of the device to be changed. A single arm and tilt only system are also available.

Only 1.5 pounds of force are needed to move the lever and swing the mount. (The Deassy locking swing away mount needs 5 pounds of force.)

The universal mounting plate can be attached to everything from AAC devices to cameras and more. It appears the Mount'N Mover will be carried by Ablenet and Saltillo (eventually). The dual arm system runs just under $1,000.00 and the single arm system runs about $800. The Deassy Positioner Mount, another dual arm (but not accessible like Mount'N Mover) runs about $900.00 and the Deassy Locking Swing Away Mount which is a single arm, accessible system runs about $750.00. Deassy has also announced a new design for a Locking Swing Away Mount to come out this summer. Deassy also carries plates that are compatible with just about every AAC device on the market, Dynavox, PRC, Tango, Tobii and more. I am not exactly clear on how the universal mount on the Mount'N Mover works.

Here are links to the info that is out there about the Mount'N Mover right now:

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