Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Storage Ideas

A while ago there was a discussion on the Boardmaker listserv about storing picture symbol cards. Many, many ideas were shared.

I happen to currently store my 1.5x1.5 symbols in a 100 pocket counting chart, which works out so-so. Which means I can fund the symbols I want, but no one else bothers to look. Thus, like every other special needs teacher in this branch of the field I am constantly on the search for better ways to store my picture symbol cards. Right now I am thinking about finding a better way to store the 1.5 by 1.5 symbols and my 3x3 inch symbols. Here is what I am considering for now:

What do you do?

Some other storage I am considering is:
  • Notions organizer six tray (pictured above) which allows you to put pictures into the lids, I am thinking about using this to organize sensory integration/oral motor items and make them more self-serve for some of my students


  1. I teach middle school students with autism and use visual schedules for everyone right now. For storage, I use the inside of a full length cabinet door and have the cards in alphabetical order so they are easy to find and access. For some symbols/words, I only have a few cards, but others, I have a lot. I saw a classroom with this system and liked it and it has worked well for me. I will take a picture and send it this week. Michelle

  2. Hi! I taught 9th-12th for 4 years and this year are moving to a new program K-6th program. I use 2 systems. I use the hardware boxes (which I love) to organize pics that we use but maybe not everyday. Pics that are used everyday are kept in a binder on pages of laminated cardstock. I put long strips of hook velcro across the pages, label as necessary (usually by page) and we attach the pics. Generally all my students use pics with velcro so that helps for storage.


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