Sunday, March 22, 2009

Resources for This Week's News-2-You: Monsters vs. Aliens

Computer Resources:
Language Arts/Communication:
  • work on adjectives such as straight vs. crooked by studying sites in San Francisco like Lombard Street (the world's crookedest street) or work on prepositions like on and off and over and under by looking a various pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and describe things like, "The boat is under the bridge" or "The car is on the bridge"
  • work on vocabulary using the "Dossiers" section of the Monsters vs. Aliens website and matching symbols for adjectives describing the various characters with the characters themselves

science:Arts and Crafts

Spoon Alien (Pk/12)

Adapted P.E.:
  • capture the flag monsters vs. aliens style (one team is monster and one aliens - consider costumes!)
  • tag monsters vs. aliens style
Be sure to check out Adapted Learning and The Classroom Suite Activity Exchange for more things to do in the classroom.

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