Saturday, March 14, 2009

Resources for this Week's News-2-You: The Kids Choice Awards'

This week's theme for News-2-You is the Kid's Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. I am not sure I will use this week's News-2-You for a variety of reasons, among them that it is not totally age appropriate for high school students (I can't think of any other high school student in our building who would care remotely about this topic) and there are some serious equality issues in the Nick's Choice award (i.e. an under-representation of girls/women in categories that represent both sexes and a lack of representation of people with disabilities), the controversy over Chris Brown, and the idea of promoting television and video games (to their credit their is a favorite book category). My class just finished up with the "Water for Africa" News-2-You so we can do the Buzzards edition this week or we may skip altogether and focus on St. Patrick's Day (a big deal in the Boston area).

That being said for the late elementary and 'tween set I can see the value of the Kids' Choice Awards in opening up these students to age appropriate interests, liking Miley Cyrus is a lot better than still being into Barney or Dora at ten or eleven years old, while liking Miley Cyrus at seventeen is the kiss of death socially. Thus here are resources for this week's News-2-You.

Online Resources:
Intregrated Academic Idea
  • hold your own Kids' Choice Award either with the same nominees as the really Kids' Choice Awards or with school based nominees (best teacher, best book in the library, best school lunch served). Work on choice making during voting, counting when you figure out the winners and communication as students write about who the winners are in an announcement.

Don't forget to check Adapted Learning and the Classroom Suite Exchange.

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  1. Don't know much about Kids Choice. But as for folks with disability. There a votes held yearly for paralympic athletes from different sports. Your students could pick a sport (Many normal sports are adapted paralympic events), and they could read about the given paralympic athlete.

    You can even Adopt an Athlete; and support them in there goal. I suggest JUDO, but, after all I'm an instructor (and legally blind).


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