Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coming Soon: ALT-Chat from Saltillo

Saltillo Company, who have been making the ChatPC line of products for many years has announced they will be offering a new product the ALT-Chat, which is essentially a bigger, stronger version of the ChatPC software installed in the PRC Springboard Lite hardware. The price is expected to be from $3500 to 5000 depending on software choices and features choosen.

Here are the specs for the ALT-Chat:

>Color Dynamic Display

>Lightweight and portable

>Software volume control

>On/off switch and auto power-down

>Several hours of recorded speech

>Holds numerous vocabulary files, each containing hundreds of pages

>3,000 PCS symbols are included on the ALT-Chat™. The included DesktopChat software includes approximately 10,000 PCS symbols and 3000 Imagine symbols.

>NeoSpeech, DecTalk or Loquendo synthesized speech

>Accessed by finger touch, single switch or two switch scanning

>Extended-life rechargeable (Lithium-Ion) battery.

>Screen size: 7.0" (diagonal)

>12 to 36 month warranty

>Size: 7.3" x 7.3" x 1.8"

>Weight: 2lb. 8oz.

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