Sunday, July 12, 2009

Communication Magnets

Although Velcro is our most frequent way of storing and arranging symbols for communication in our classrooms there are some benefits to thinking outside the box and turning to magnet symbols among them that using magnets generally won't ruin as many pairs of scissors, with magnets you don't need to remember the "soft stays" Velcro rule to avoid having incompatible sets, and the fact that most of use have metal desks, magnetic dry erase boards and/or other metal furniture in out classroom we cab turn into "word walls" using magnets symbols. Last year I kept magnetic picture symbols for eat, drink and the most common items we had in our classroom mini-fridge attached to the door and was thrilled to see one of my students take to that system without any training.

Here are some resources for moving to magnet based communication symbols:

Pre-Made Communication Magnets
Do-It-Yourself Communication Magnets Materials
Since I am thinking about magnets...

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