Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Options for Writing with Word Prediction, Symbol Support and Writing Grids

Recently I needed to create a list of software program that had word prediction, symbol support and writing grids. I thought others might be interested, so here it is:

Clicker5 by Crick
-symbol supported writing/literacy
-grid based writing
-no word prediction unless you also purchase PenFriend
-free 30 day trial
-free sharing community with many pre-made grids

Classroom Suite by Intellitools
-grid based writing
-integrated word prediction
-picture symbols supports (but not as many as other programs without additional purchase)
-includes a virtual manipulative program for math that is great for those with fine motor issues
-work beautifully with the Intellitools keyboard which can be a standard keyboard with enlarges keys or can use overlays to match whatever software you are using
-free 30 day trial
-free sharing community with many pre-made grids and activities

Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro
-the ultimate in symbol resources
-word prediction (only in Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamicall Pro, not Boardmaker or Boardmaker Plus)
-grid based writing
-free, active sharing community
-extensive add-on software avaliable for every area of the curriculm and things that are just fun like coloring books and games (some very cool programs can be added on)
-free 30 day trial

Communicate: Symbols by Widget (Distributed in US by Mayer-Johnson)
-symbol supported writing
-writing grids
-as far as I know, and I could be wrong, no word prediction
-free trial


  1. Kate, don't forget Slater Software's options...
    Pix Writer: http://

  2. For a Mac, I also use Text Edit Plus. This free application can highlight each typed word as it is read back.


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