Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Using Unique?

Some of us at the TLWMSN Ning have been discussing the best way to share adaptations, ideas and extensions of Unique Curriculum materials for learners with severe special needs. Should we use the Ning? A new Unique Curriculum Ning? A wiki? Adapted Learning? A Google or Yahoo Group? Something else? What do you thing? You can comment here on this post or log onto the Ning.

Also here are the Unique topics for this school year so we can start planning (especially for alternative assessment):

School Year 2009-2010

This is My SchoolWe Have LeadersWe Live in the United StatesI Am a US Citizen
Life Science
Animals in Their HomesAnimals and Plants Around UsWhat is an Ecosystem?Knowing our Ecosystem
City and CountryTraveling AroundGetting to Know the United StatesPlaces to Live and Work
Physical Science
See It, Feel It, Describe ItSorting for RecyclingCombining and CookingEveryday Energy
People In Society
I Live in a CommunityCommunities Near and FarIt's a Big WorldWho are the People In the USA?
Science and Technology
Tools at SchoolTechnology in the CommunityTechnology in Our LivesTools That Help Us Every Day
We All Work TogetherI Can Make Good ChoicesWhat is a Good Citizen?I Work in My Community
Earth Science
I Can Help the EarthWater, Water, EverywhereCaring for Our Good EarthRecycle and Reuse Our Resources


  1. While I've not used the Unique curriculum for the regular school year, I've been adapting it for summer school use. I only have a couple of students, but it's been a great resource for both reading and science curriculum. I find the lessons are differentiated well. I'm not sure that I would use it for my entire school curriculum.

    As far as sharing materials, I'm torn on that issue. I like the concept of the NING but it turns into just another thing I have to check so usually falls to the wayside. I think probably a google group would be the the best idea, and share materials to the group (I don't know if you can do that with Google Groups) or to Adapted Learning.

  2. I agree with Patrick. A Google group is the way to go.
    One of our schools for Severe/Profound is using Unique for the alternative curriculum. It is a wonderful, well thought out product for the classroom. Some teachers have felt that a few of the activities were at a higher level than the students needed, so they are in the process of adapting the materials further. I think it is a nice framework for the teacher to bounce off of when teaching a specific concept. It is not intended to be the only materials used. Staff need to bring in other sources of materials for the students to use.
    Bottom line, Unique fills a hole in the curriculum for those students who need more support. The company is wonderful to work with, welcomes your suggestions and provided excellent customer service.

    Sandra Callahan
    AIMEE Solutions, inc.


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