Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free Programs to Make Communication Boards and Free Symbols Sets

 Free Communication Board Making Software
  • Picto Selector/PECS for All
    • windows based software
    • includes several free symbols sets (Sclera, Arasaac, Mulberry)
    • makes grid style communication boards
  • Tico
    • make printable and/or dynamic display boards
    • uses the Arasaac symbols in addition to their full photo library
    • simple software is easy to use
    • see previous review of Tico
  • EdWord with Grid Maker
    • allows import of entire files of photos or symbols (using a second application called Symbol Maker)
    • has a "symbolate" like program
    • windows based
  • PHOTOsyms
    • use photographs or import images from other symbols sets
    • very easy to use
    • makes grid based communication boards
    • flash based application
    • see my review from November 2008
Free Symbols Sets for Communication
  • Axelia - freely available French symbol set
  • Arasaac - full set of color or black and white line drawing communication symbols available in multiple languages, it is also possible to add this symbol set to Writing with Symbols 
  • Imagine - focusing on core and topic vocabulary this is a full set of colored line drawing symbols (note based on personal experience Imagine symbols sometimes do not import well into other programs)
  • Mulberry - full set of line drawing communication symbols, register and download one at a time or the entire set
  • Sclera - black and white, high contrast images which are excellent for low vision and available in multiple languages
Please also note that Slater Symbols are available for free download one symbol at a time and for classroom using Unique Learning System or News-2-You or supporting Tobii, AMDi, Jabbla, Proloquo2Go or Tap to Talk AAC users, the SymbolStix symbols can be downloaded and imported into the above board design programs with a $99 dollar yearly subscription fee if you don't happen to own the SymbolMate or Communicator software.  Similarly if you are overseas and supporting Divertic symbol users you can subscribe to that symbol set for 55 Euros.


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