Friday, August 20, 2010

New AAC Device: The Zingui

Before I get started with this post, remember how I suggested that Tobii get a little more creative than S32 or whatever when they pick names?  Zingui is precisely the kind of thing I was looking for, Zingui, it's even fun to say.

The Zingui is a new AAC device from Jabbla.  Weighing in at just over 2.5 pounds it is light weight for its 8.4 inch screen.  Zingui basic has only recorded voice and Zingui Plus has recorded speech and a choice of Acapela or RealSpeak voices.  The Zingui runs MindSpeak software for communication, which uses SymbolStix symbols, Widget and PCS are also available.  Other options include WordPower, Picture WordPower and CALL vocabularies.  Programming can be done on the device or on a PC computer with MindExpress installed. 

Access is via touch screen, one or two switch scanning and any other USB based controller.  Windows based applications will run on the Zingui (i.e. Media Player, Power Point).  The Zingui Plus includes word prediction and grammar morphing.  The Zingui comes with your choice of decorator frames for the screen.  A carrying case is available and the Zingui has a built in stand.  The Zingui runs 6 hours on a regular battery and 12 on a double capacity battery.  GEWA Environmental controls are optional.

The price is similar to that for smaller, handheld devices in spite of the 8.4 inch screen. 

Currently the Zingui and Zingui Plus are being vended by:
Bridges (CAN)
Handicat (FR)
Techess (UK)
Zygo Australia (AU)

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