Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dynamic Keyboard

Dynamic Keyboard is a free software program that provides a reduced target on-screen keyboard with word prediction. 

The keyboard is difficult to explain in words but it offers a simple interface to enter text using reduced keys on the screen.  Watching a video is a better way to understand how it works, Dynamic Keyboard can be seen below in use by an typist using the (also free) myEye eye gaze tracking program.  Other access methods include Intellikeys, a mouse or mouse emulator, joystick, track ball and head tracking.  I had excellent success using it with the free head tracking program Camera Mouse.


  1. I love this software for use with eye-gaze. I would be interested in seeing other programs with nice uncluttered boards for eye-gaze users.

    KSG OT

  2. Thank you for the great tips! I'm trying to figure out how my 6 year old son can communicate and you're a favourite resource. He's just started mainstream primary school. He has very involved CP with dystonia and switching hasn't worked so well because sitting and controlling his movements is too hard - he works up such a sweat. These are great leads! Thanks for taking the time to post.

  3. This is fantastic! my school only has mac's though... any idea if there is something like this for mac's??

  4. Can't get myeye to work. Will have to tinker. Dynamic keyboard is very nice!

  5. cec

    is there a similar keyboard idea for ipads?

  6. Hi Kate,

    Just wanted to say thanks for recommending our Dynamic Keyboard(DK) to your readers, we appreciate it.


    Facebook: CanAssist at the University of Victoria
    Twitter: CanAssistUVic


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