Thursday, March 17, 2011

Éirinn Go Brách

This Catch the Leprechaun Game is a variation of a speech and language game. Nine TOBI (True Object Based Icons) symbols were used to show natural features in a wood - stream, tree, log, flower patch, stump, cave, shrub and rock.  These were attached by velcro to a foam core board.  One student in the group was chosen to help the leprechaun hide from the rest of the group to protect his pot of gold.  That student would then be in charge of answering yes or no question asked by the other students using AAC (some students used a sequential switch others a higher tech AAC devices).  We would eliminate possible hiding places and remove the symbols showing them from the board, i.e. a student using dynamic display might ask, "on top of"? and we would remove the cave, stream and hole (as the leprechaun would be in those), etc.  Finally we would be down to two choices and a student would make a guess using either large symbol cards or the TOBI symbols left on the board.  If correct the winner would get a pot of gold symbol to exchange for a prize.

For the other activities we decorated pre-baked cupcakes with green sprinkles mixed in and we counted out gold Hershey Kisses to place in a bag decorated with this tag.  We finished the party by watching Riverdance and eating cupcakes, marshmallow and cereal squares made from Lucky Charms and juice.

Hope you had a wonderful March 17th as well!

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  1. Wow! You always seem to come up with the best activities for your class. I love how they are FUN but still incorporate a lot of learning :)


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