Sunday, March 6, 2011

Help Me Read

Update May 2022 - Symbol Support Text has been proven not to prove much, if any, aid to comprehension and to be detrimental to learning to read.  This post is keep up for historical purposes.  Please don't use symbol supported text.

Out of the UK there is a new product for young emerging readers who use symbols.  Help Me Read is a reading scheme to add Widgit Literacy symbols to the Stage 1 level of Oxford Reading Tree books and other materials.  The materials include a manual communication board.

You can create books similar to the Help Me Read series by finding symbols to adapt books you all ready have. 

The NYC Schools and Baltimore City Schools have downloads of Picture Communication Symbols that are pre-made for many books.

If you support PRC device/Unity users the Plano School District as materials to adapt books using Unity Symbols.

You can also symbol adapt your own books.  Be sure to use these 5 Rules for Symbol Support.

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