Friday, July 6, 2012

Coming in September 2012 - All Accessible iPad from Ablenet

(below is directly from the Ablenet website.)


Enabling the iPad for everyone.

Product will be available September 2012
Keynote AbleNet’s Keynote access solution unlocks the power of the iPad mobile device for users with significant physical disabilities. Keynote provides cutting edge accessibility, brilliant sound and exceptional design to create a one of a kind solution for the iPad.

  • HiFi stereo amplified sound output
  • Wireless and wired switch access with scanning capabilities to control the iPad and apps supporting VoiceOver controls
  • Sleek outer casing protects against moisture and impact
  • Integrated battery, charging and iPad syncing
  • Updatable firmware to add new features as they are available
  • MSRP $349.00


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  2. I wish companies wouldn't over-hype products like this. It's not enabling iPad for everyone at all. Head-tracker users? Eye-gaze users? And switch access will be a shadow of what most switch users would truly like on the iPad. A way of interacting with all apps via touch and gesture emulation. Pick a game at random from the App store and try playing it with a switch to any extent at all. Impossible at the moment.

    One day, the iOS devices may truly be made accessible to all, but not until Apple wake up to this need.

  3. This is pretty cool, I'd love to get my hands on it and really explore.

  4. How awesome is this! I would love to get hands on it and try it out!

  5. will eye gaze or tracker pro users be able to use an i pad independently?


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