Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Special Needs Glasses

Solo Bambini Glasses

As special needs teachers we get asked questions about all sort of topics.  After all special needs teachers are generalists who need to know a little bit about and awful lot, and a LOT about quite a few things.  Glasses for children with special needs is one of those things that comes up.  Here are some places you may want to direct parents.

Unbreakable Glasses 
  • Miraflex's Flexible and Safe frames are solid, flexible, unbreakable for infants to older children and at least one style for adults.  
  • Solo Bambini offers solid, one piece, flexible, unbreakable glasses for babies through adults. These glasses are also non-magnetic and thus can be worn in MRI machines and by those with programmable shunts or VNS devices.  They also offer other styles and brands of pediatric glasses.
  • Tomato Glasses are light, adjustable,  flexible, shockproof, non-slip and retain the shape of the wearer.  Sizes in infant through adult.

Tomato Glasses

Other Special Needs Glasses

  • Bans offers children's glasses frames in sizes from infant to age 5.  You can have your eye doctor change the lenses. These glasses have a neoprene band to hold them in place instead of arms.  A full array of sunglasses with neoprene bands, including infant sizes available as well.  Also swimming goggles and prescription swimming goggles.  (And hearing protection.)
  • Spokiz has Rx glasses and sunglasses with special inter-changable flexible arms they call bands.  They are supposed to be non-slip, extra durable and help to avoid pressure points.
  • Specs4Us has glasses in all sizes which are specifically designed for children and adults with Down Syndrome.

  • Ficklets are glasses charms, super cute and fun!
  • Templelocks slide over the end of the arm of your glasses to help stop them from slipping.
  • Croakies makes a wide range of glasses straps and retainers and other accessories for kids and adults.


  1. I have a student who has Miraflex glasses, and I can definitely attest to the fact they are unbreakable!! They're great. Thanks for the good info!

    However, a big problem with seemingly all special needs glasses is that they look so "special" or different. I wish some company would produce glasses for this population that look more like mainstream glasses. I teach middle schoolers, and it's definitely a concern of theirs! They are way past the point of "cute" glasses being an asset, as they perhaps are for toddlers and younger children. They don't want to be looking more impaired than they already are...


  2. My daughter has broken hers more times than I care to replace! And of course with medical they won't replace them. I've tried plastic and wireframe. A friend in an autism group gave me the link here. I'm going to see if we can get medical to cover these for her, and if not what it will run us. LOVE this!!


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