Sunday, October 7, 2012

Attainment's New Stuff

A browse through the new products at Attainment Company just made me start humming, "I Want to Be A Millionaire"!  Here are just a few of the things that made me think about my credit card:

  • SymbolSupported iPad App - like Pix Writer for your iPad this app adds literacy support symbols from Imagine Symbols and PixWriter as you type, perfect for directions and recipes all on your iPad (or save as a PDF and send to your printer) $29.99 

    Update May 2022 - Symbol Support Text has been proven not to prove much, if any aid to comprehension and to be detrimental to learning to read.  This post is keep up for historical purposes.  Please don't use symbol supported text.

  • Classic Attainment software programs as iPad apps - programs we have all been using for 15+ years coming to your iPad, for now just Community Success and Dollars and Cents at $39.99 each, but I am sure more will be on the way (these two programs have also been updated to look and act more modern when used on your computer)
  • ELSB now available as a software program - a literacy program for learners with with special needs that was only available in a print version now for your computer 
  • New Early Numeracy and Early Science print curriculum for elementary students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities pricey at $599 and $499 respectively these program will fill in a missing piece for those of us using Unique needing a more intense focus on Math and Science
  • GoNow iPad Case has a built in handle, and is designed to both protect iPad 2 or 3 and direct the sound out in one direction (it seems to be more for users to hear - not for communication partners to hear when using AAC apps however); also easy access ports for charging and syncing for $59.99 it is certainly worth a try
  • Attainment eBooks are how Attainment is going to be offering all of their books (for teachers and professionals) in a version that will be available on iOS, but the process is kind of convoluted, still it might be worth it for schools to purchase in this manner (I don't quite understand why they can't just be sold in the iBooks store, but I am sure there is some reason)
  • This last product I can't wait to get my hands on StepPAD is a small, handheld prompting device with the ability to record series of auditory prompts for a user to access later, it also has an overlay holder for visual cues.  I can envision this being used for students with working memory deficits as to assist in following instructions, especially for individual or home work , $99.99

My hopes for Attainment next round of new products:
  • More updates of classic computer programs to new computer and iOS versions
  • Age appropriate versions of ELSB and the new numerancy and science curriculums for older learners with severe disabilities
  • Computer and iOS versions of all curriculums
  • A sharing website for SymbolSupprt and Go Talk NOW creations teachers, SLPs and families make for students

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