Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pinterest for Our Classrooms

Pinterest seems to be a big hit that is here to stay.  I've been pinning for a while now and here are some boards you might find useful.  Please add links to your boards in the comments!
  • AAC in which alternative and augmentative methods of communication are on full display
  • Android and Kindle Fire for AT and SpEd in which Android apps and devices strut their stuffCrafts in which crafts - for the classroom and home - inspire you
  • Assistive Tech on which all things technology that can help a person who is differently abled take center stage
  • CVI and Low Vision in which resources for cortical vision impairment and low vision are shown
  • Free AT in which the focus is on assisitive technology that won't break the bank
  • iOS for AT and SpEd in which there are lots of images of things in the iPad family 
  • Life in the Switch Lane in which switches and things to do with them are highlighted
  • Sensory Ideas in which sensory activities and inspirations make you wish you were on a swing 
  • Special Needs in which we see things and information for people with special needs and those who love them 
  • Teaching and Learning in which general education and special education teachers find ideas for better practice
  • Visual and Emotional Supports in which ways to show instead of tell are seen on the screen
And just for fun:
And be sure to check out the Pinterest Special Needs Directory!

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  1. All of my boards are speech/communication or sped related!


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