Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sometimes a Little AAC is All You Need

Fat Chat Apps fills a bit of a vacancy in the AAC Apps world.  It doesn't pretend to be a comprehensive solution.  Fat Chat Apps are a family of small, fun AAC apps for joking around, sky kids in new situations or extending conversations and fixing communication break downs.  The most important thing about these apps is they are fun!

Pirate Chat and Outback Chat are two of the joking around choices.  Fun, unique picture symbols combine with thematic phrases to allow kids (and adults) to have fun.  You can even send your messages through Twitter, e-mail,  IM or text.  Perfect for participating in talk Like  A Pirate Day or being a Pirate or Aussie Cowboy for Halloween.

Spooky Chat, Santa Chat, and Bunny Chat are situational AAC apps.  Perfect for shy toddlers, those not wanting to haul around bigger AAC devices or when a non-speaking communication book just won't do.  Now you have a solution for trick-or-treating, visiting Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Finally there are some apps for short term solutions to AAC talk.  Snappy Chat provided kid-friendly conversational extenders while Fast 20 is a core word solution utilizing the top 20+ core words and Chat Repair gives you 160 phrases to fix communication problems and extend conversation.  Phrases range from "my bad", to, "excuse me" and then some.  These apps are nice back up tools, choices for those who are understood just fine when communicating with familiar listeners but need help with new listeners and those who maybe just need a hand when tired or ill.

In general these apps are only $.99 and are available for iOS and Android.

I am hoping, "Doctor Office Chat", "Dentist Chat" and "Birthday Party Chat" are coming soon.  And maybe "Performance Review Chat" for those of us who get verklempt at our annual evaluations!  (Wait, Yiddish Chat!  We want Yiddish Chat!)

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