Thursday, May 10, 2007

Calming Music

A number of research studies have verified what new-age folks believed all along, that music set to a slow tempo, specifically about 60 beats per minute, calms people and animals. This calming effect decreases anxiety and increases learning, concentration and healing.

It seems the human body will relax into such a musical rhythm, slowing its biorhythms to match the music. Knowing this there is a movement to use 60 beat per minute music in different settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation unit (especially for TBI), and special education classrooms.

In fact a number of companies now distribute music for such purposes including:
Incompetech has free music, some of which has a listed tempo of between 40-65 bpm. There are also free tools available to measure beat per minute from Shareware Connection and Konfabulator (Yahoo Widgets).

60 beat per minute music may be just the think to slow everyone down during the end of the year wildness.

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